Pócatech mNova Announced

20 may, 2006


Pócatech today announced the upcoming availability of mNova, our Java ME provisioning and billing platform.


mNova enables the download of mobile Java applications to end-user handsets and also integrates with premium rate SMS gateways to allow billing to take place.


Sudoku Mobile Launches

10 june, 2005


Sudoku is the puzzle craze that is sweeping the world. Pócatech has developed a version of Sudoku for your mobile phone


SudokuMobile is available immediately worldwide for Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sharp, SonyEricsson and Sagem handsets





Wireless applications and services


Pócatech is an irish company dedicated to providing mobile software that delivers on the promise of wireless; a life streamlined by mobile access to information, services and tools. Pócatech was founded in 2003 by a core group with a shared vision of the wireless ecosystem. We have over a decade of experience in telecommunications networking and software development and we leverage that experience to deliver top-class applications to consumers and enterprises alike.


Our name is a hybrid of the irish word 'Póca' and the english word 'Technology', meaning simply 'Pocket Technology'.


Please email us (info@pocatech.com) for any other information you need.